Murska 6, 31000 Osijek, Hrvatska
OIB/VAT: 07172829391
MBS/Reg: 030136869

Kontakt osobe:

Aleksandar Botka +385 99 330 8139 [email protected]
Vlado Grozdanić +385 98 308 139 [email protected]

Company for agency services and supplying ships based in Osijek, operates in all Croatian Danube ports. Founded with the aim to provide our customers with timely and efficient service in Croatia.

Budapesti út 14/B 7700 Mohács, Magyarország
telefon: +36 69 510 488
fax: +36 69 510 489


Paceka Robert +36 20 585 1952 [email protected]


Bezdán Szilárd +36 20 977 6774 [email protected]
Somogyvárácz Szilvia +36 20 977 4993 [email protected]
Zsifkovics Gyula +36 20 422 8774 [email protected]

Danube Partner BT is a company for agency services and supply ships based in Mohacs. The company’s business covers all Danube ports in Hungary. Danube Partner BT is able to prepare customs documentation T1.

Beogradski Kej 11, 21000 Novi Sad, Srbija


Kancelarija +381 21 420 907, +381 21 420 908
e-mail [email protected]
Marina Kaćanski +381 63 555 467
Miloš Stanojčić +381 63 580 338
Dragan Branković +381 63 557 908
Saša Lazičić +381 62 868 49 38

Brodokomerc NS is a company from Novi Sad, dealing with agencies, river transport, as well as the provision of docking services in Novi Sad. Owns a pusher “Istar” with three objects the capacity of about 3500 t and pontoon pier “NS P 007 A” for cargo and passenger vessels in Novi Sad. The services in the river transport has been engaged for 15 years. Cooperates with all companies in the field of river transport on the Danube. In Novi Sad is the agent for 80 percent of companies in need of port agency. Team Brodokomerc NS consists of people who have years of experience in this business, they know more foreign languages, are confidential, friendly and provide their services 24/7. With the company cooperating since its foundation as their subagent in Novi Sad, while YU Agent for the purposes of Brodokomerc NS provides subagency in Bezdan. Also, we are partners in many cargo transport operations both on the lower and on the upper Danube.