Water Transport

YU Agent, in addition to agency services, began to organize marine transport of bulk/dry cargo with partner ships.

We decided to buy the first ship and barge to base our fleet. Then the ship Altmühl (current name: Bezdan BTL) and barge Schondra (77098) were bought. Shortly after Wiking is bought. We mainly transported steel products from Smederevo to destinations in Germany and Austria.

After closing the large furnaces in Smederevo steelworks, we decided to continue mainly with the transportation of agricultural products to Port of Constanta on Black Sea. Intensive cooperation begins with „Prestige Shipping Services“. This partnership contributed to the signing of the general contract with a reputable global trading company „Toepfer“. After that cooperation with companies „Nidera“, „Ameropa“ and other major global traders was established.
During the year we joined barge Allod-1 to the fleet that has been renamed Steffi.

In the long term lease we take the barge 1322 PLM.

„Pannavigator“ with their ship Saga, the company “M Shipping LLC” that owns ship Mura and barge TZ 17521, as well as the company “Canal Sea Services srl” which own a pusher Canal Services 2 with barges ANR 29, ANR 284 and ANR 972 become partners of YU Agent.

YU AGENT has expanded its fleet with ship named „Raphael H“ which now bears the name of Pannonia. After signing the contracts with Transdanubia LLC, we take ship  Sveti Nikola, and barges PZ 12202 and PZ 12401 in long term lease.

We have become the owners of another barge, load capacity 1585 tonnes, which will after the overhaul flutter the flag of YU AGENT.

Transport at the annual level is more than 200.000 tonnes of dry cargo. We are presented through the course of the river Danube, the Main – Danube canal and the Main and Rhine rivers.

YU Agent receives official licence of shipping companyagent broker licence for Branko Savić and licenses for our ship agents.